Correctional Facility Projects

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Malvern Prison Project Title: Malvern Prison
Location: 2.3 miles south of downtown Malvern, off Highway 67 South.
Project Description: Construction, Regional Maintenance, Education, Chaplaincy Services, Livestock and Hay operations.

Project Title: Sevier County Jail
Location: De Queen Arkansas
Project Description: The facility is located on a five acre tract on Robinson Road in DeQueen, Sevier County, Arkansas.

The Building is a total of 16,900 square feet consisting of two components; an administration area and housing area. The exterior walls are constructed of CMU veneer backed by a CMU load-bearing wall. A membrane roofing system will be used on the entire building. The front entry at the reception area will be constructed of membrane roof system, pre-formed metal deck, and tube steel beams that tie to the main building.